"David Roy Newby's techniques will enable you to build a strong legacy for your family... and find and fix the cracks that likely exist in your current legacy/estate plan."

- David Green, founder and CEO of HObby Lobby and author of 'Giving It All Away... And Getting It All Back Again'

Beyond Billions' is a provocative, paradigm-challenging look at the all too common frustration and failure by hard-charging, high-achieving entrepreneurs and top executives with regard to family influence, transferring wisdom, not just wealth. In a complete consideration of what you are doing and why you are doing it, this has a place. Making, taking, and accumulating is all fine. I am Ayn Rand-ian about enlightened self-interest and earned privilege. But there is also something, as David puts it, beyond millions or billions, beyond scorekeeping. Tapping King Solomon as inspiration, he has done an interesting job of raising both philosophical and practical questions."

- Dan Kennedy, author & consultant to multi-billion dollar companies

"Men, especially as heads of family, as business owners, are alone on a lonely journey of identity and creators of extreme wealth. Every single owner, head of family office, estate planner, and advisor to the wealthy needs to read 'Beyond Billions'!"

- Robin Coady Smith, Succession Planner to Billionaires and Powerful Entrepreneurs, Co-Founder of www.PrCio.com

David’s principles give us a solid strategy for creating a lasting legacy that will impact lives for generations to come. Being a father to 7 children, we started a family foundation in 2008 with the goal of teaching our kids while simultaneously giving them opportunities to apply what they’ve learned. I’m always looking for resources that will aid us in communicating with and teaching our children so we can continue building our family legacy. David is a great resource!”

-Kevin Thompson, Co-founder of Tribe for Leaders

"As a best-selling author having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Roy Newby gives you the skillsets to grow your money and pass that knowledge on to your children. Is this important? It's one of the most vital things you can do."

- Joel Bauer, author of the national bestseller 'How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to Be Persuaded' and fellow consultant to billionaires, www.Infotainer.com

"David Roy Newby lays out a clear, easy to follow plan for creating a lasting legacy of multi-generational wealth and shared values within your family. David's unique concept of holding annual "Family Vault Meetings" is something I've never heard anyone else talk about, and I personally plan on doing one with my own children soon. Most wealthy people only look at estate planning from a tax & financial perspective. However, armed with this groundbreaking system, you will be able to secure and ensure your family's TRUE legacy for generations to come.”

-Eric Graham, Marketing Consultant To Multiple $100M+ Companies & Founder Of ConversionDoctor.com

"David Roy Newby's 'Beyond Billions' is beyond inspirational. It's transformative, and in all the right ways. Having come from a fatherless home myself, his personal stories resonate well with me. He touches on ancient, fundamental elements of wealth creation and preservation that are ignored by the vast majority of estate planners today. Don't delay. Read 'Beyond Billions' and take action today. No matter your endeavors, I promise you: it will greatly benefit you, & everyone who knows you." 

-Alexander Doak,
Philippines entrepreneur

"I learned so much from David's book. He gave me many nuggets; he got me to thinking 'What purpose do I have in life?' 'Where do I want to be and how am I going to get there?' If you don't have the book you need to get it right away and don't let it sit on the shelf."

- Larry Goins
Real Estate Trainer, Lake Wylie SC

"David Newby is a treasure trove of not only information, but also experience. Through a lot of hard work and a lot of creative approaches, David is continually trailblazing new opportunities for everyone whose goal is prosperity. And the best part is that he can save you a lot of time otherwise spent making mistakes and missing opportunities. David's strategies can profoundly accelerate your access to capital and your overall investment returns, all while honoring a balanced approach to life."

- Ned Freeman
Investor, Birmingham AL

"David and I both grew up from humble beginnings in different parts of the world. Each and every one of us has the power to change our life, and you can too. If you only implement one step out of his financial teachings I can guarantee you're on your road to financial freedom. If you want to live your dreams and live the life you deserve, read David Newby's book."

- Jhet vanRuyven
Author of 'The Tale of Juliet'
Vancouver BC Canada

“I am so grateful that David took the time to figure this all out. You can tell that David has done his homework on this important topic and the research he shares astounds me! I want to do better with my legacy and this book will be a great resource. I've seen families crumble because of a poorly planned transitions or spoil the next generation with too much money and too little responsibility. This book lays out a clear and easy to follow system to make sure your legacy thrives long after you've moved on. Thank you for this gift David; the legacy you are creating is massive!”

-David Boufford, creator of Good News Network

“I've spent countless hours over the years in the personal space of some of the wealthiest families in America. I learned simply by observing them that children of successful parents can suffer self-destruction fueled by various dysfunctions born of a rich upbringing devoid of appreciation for what the last generation accomplished for the next's benefit. It takes work, foresight, communication, and planning in order to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. LegacyBuilders highlights how those areas can be addressed and navigated in order to nurture the most desirable outcomes of generational wealth and happiness.”

-Joey Atlas, creator of SculptAFit Home Gym

"After reading David's book I finally decided to start my own business, and it's improved my income [within 2 months]."

 - Julius Cutaran
Software Engineer, Malabon Philippines

Here are some key benefits you'll discover in the book:

• Why 90% of estate plans FAIL despite the best advisors money can buy, and how to avoid this fate for yourself and your family

• How to ensure your business and wealth survive for 3-5+ generations

• The #1 way to motivate lazy or entitled heirs- it's NOT trust fund clauses!

• How to maximize your impact and fulfillment with your charitable contributions, holding each dollar given accountable

• How to empower your family members so all the success you've built isn't wasted, and your legacy of success lives on for multiple generations

... and much more.


If you're following traditional estate planning alone, you're 90% likely going to waste everything you've worked your whole life to achieve.

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