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Below are a few items David has available to you to transform your life and create a multi-generational legacy of success even FASTER and with the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE. Check them out to NOW take your legacy "Beyond Billions!"

LegacyBuilders Coaching Program

For FASTEST results implementing what you learn in "Beyond Billions," apply for membership in our LegacyBuilders coaching program. This program helps you create your CUSTOM, personalized gameplan to build your most powerful legacy, gives you guidance & support implementing your gameplan, and gives you membership in one of the most exclusive clubs of extraordinary entrepreneurs on the planet.

Hosted Family Vault Meetings

Once you've created your CUSTOM, personalized gameplan to build your most powerful legacy and committed to carry that plan out, one of the first things you want to do is to schedule your first Family Vault Meeting. To save you the time and work setting up all the details for your meeting, we can host your Family Vault Meeting for you, which includes us arranging all the details for it- reaching out to family members ahead of the meeting, taking care of all the technical details during the meeting, and afterwards getting you the summary of the meeting. This is a VERY limited offering, so apply now if you want to have the most powerful, effective Family Vault Meeting possible with minimal hassle.

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If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can get it free by clicking here or going to http://www.adobe.com. After you have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download your FREE book one of two ways below.

IGod bless you and may all your endeavors be profitable for multiple generations!

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David Roy Newby

David Roy Newby

P.S. As you get tremendous value from your "Beyond Billions" book and the above bonuses, gift a copy of the book for one of your close friends or associates who will benefit from it. :)


David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby

"David Roy Newby's techniques will enable you to build a strong legacy for your family... and find and fix the cracks that likely exist in your current legacy/estate plan."

Dan Kennedy, 

top marketing consultant

"Beyond Billions' is a provocative, paradigm-challenging look at the all too common frustration and failure by hard-charging, high-achieving entrepreneurs and top executives with regard to family influence, transferring wisdom, not just wealth."

Robin Coady Smith, succession planner to billionaires

"Men, especially as heads of family, as business owners, are alone on a lonely journey of identity and creators of extreme wealth. Every single owner, head of family office, estate planner, and advisor to the wealthy needs to read 'Beyond Billions'!"

Kevin Thompson, business connector

"Being a father to 7 children, David’s principles give us a solid strategy for creating a lasting legacy that will impact lives for generations to come.  

Joel Bauer, fellow consultant to billionaires

As a best-selling author having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Roy Newby gives you the skillsets to grow your money and pass that knowledge on to your children. Is this important? It's one of the most vital things you can do." 

Eric Graham, advisor to $100M+ companies

"David Roy Newby lays out a clear, easy to follow plan for creating a lasting legacy of multi-generational wealth and shared values with your family."