Other Resources Available to you from David Roy Newby:  Below are a few items David has available to you to transform your life and create a multi-generational legacy of success even FASTER and with the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE. Check them out to NOW take your legacy "Beyond Billions!"

"Embrace your inner billionaire!"

- Love Horatio, Jimmy, Chris, and Tracy

LegacyBuilders Coaching Program

For FASTEST results implementing what you learn in "Beyond Billions," apply for membership in our LegacyBuilders coaching program. This program helps you create your CUSTOM, personalized gameplan to build your most powerful legacy, gives you guidance & support implementing your gameplan, and gives you membership in one of the most exclusive clubs of extraordinary entrepreneurs on the planet.

Hosted Family Vault Meetings

Once you've created your CUSTOM, personalized gameplan to build your most powerful legacy and committed to carry that plan out, one of the first things you want to do is to schedule your first Family Vault Meeting. To save you the time and work setting up all the details for your meeting, we can host your Family Vault Meeting for you, which includes us arranging all the details for it- reaching out to family members ahead of the meeting, taking care of all the technical details during the meeting, and afterwards getting you the summary of the meeting. This is a VERY limited offering, so apply now if you want to have the most powerful, effective Family Vault Meeting possible with minimal hassle.

Solomon Wisdom Society ("SWS")

This is the most exclusive private club in the world- only the top 2-4% of billionaires in the world are accepted as members, and applications for membership are accepted by request or referral from existing members only. This is a VERY limited offering, so apply now if you are a billionaire and want to be considered for membership in SWS.

Here are some key benefits you'll discover in the book:



Why 90% of estate plans FAIL despite the best advisors money can buy, and how to avoid this fate for yourself and your family



How to ensure your business and wealth survive for 3-5+ generations



The #1 way to motivate lazy or entitled heirs- it's NOT trust fund clauses!



How to maximize your impact and fulfillment with your charitable contributions, holding each dollar given accountable



How to empower your family members so all the success you've built isn't wasted, and your legacy of success lives on for multiple generations



... and much more.


If you're following traditional estate processes, you're 90% likely going to waste everything you've worked your whole life to achieve.


Invest in "Beyond Billions" below now, get the missing pieces to complete your family legacy puzzle, and let David Roy Newby empower you to create a whole new world of possibility for you and your family.

*A portion of the proceeds from your book purchase supports CCT, the largest Christian microfinance group in the Philippines that helps Filipinos start their own businesses and helps them with housing and scholarships for their children.*

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Joel Bauer,

Author/Consultant to Billionaires

"As a best-selling author having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Newby gives you the skillsets to grow your money and pass that knowledge on to your children. Is this important? It's one of the most vital things you can do."

Minesh Baxi​

Business Coach

"David Newby has tremendous expertise in the area of investing. Through his knowledge, and his system, I was able to get a return of 50% in under 6 months. If you are looking to get more ideas on investing, I highly recommend David Newby'

Steve Swanson

Biz Owner

"David Newby's taken away the excuse of 'money and finance is too complicated' from people's stepping up to be rich..."